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Past Event


September 15, 2018

Bible College SA held its third annual Partnership Dinner on Saturday 15 September 2018. This is an event that we have designed to introduce more faithful believers to our ministry and to invite them to support us. Over 225 attendees came together for a fantastic evening where we shared a great meal, heard testimonials from two current students and one recent graduate, and considered what contribution we each might be able to make to the work of the College. Our Principal, Rev Dr Tim Patrick, spoke about the importance to South Australia of a ministry training institution that is unashamedly and unambiguously evangelical, and that develops leaders for a Christian culture that is sacrificial, soaked in and faithful to Scripture, fully trusting in God’s sovereignty, and disciplined in living out the faith in everyday life. You can read a transcript of his talk here. We were also greatly encouraged to hear Matt Lehmann, Vice President of the College’s governing board, as he described some of the incredible ways that God has been growing the College’s ministry and support base over the past five years—there is certainly a clear sense that he is doing big things in and through us at the moment.

Download Tim Patrick’s transcript.